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Looking for better control of your patients’ symptoms between visits?

Elsa Science Rheumatic Care Management (RCM) integrates your expertise as a rheumatologist with your patients’ self-reported data. This enables a tighter control of patients’ symptoms and continuous feedback between patients, you, and your staff.

While extending care beyond the clinic and opening a digital window to your patients you will give them the opportunity to better self-management of their disease.

Empower your patients.

Elsa Rheumatic Care Management

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Elsa for patients

  • Education and behavioral change tools
  • Symptom and health tracking 
  • Self-management and self-care support

Elsa for healthcare providers

  • Data collection from patients’ tracking
  • Remote monitoring and decision support
  • Care coordination and communication with patients

And what's more?

$10,350 monthly

The Rheumatic Care Management service (RCM) can provide new gross revenues of on average $10,350 monthly for 100 patients*.

*Research estimate based on average reimbursement levels and combined reimbursement codes for self reported data as well as care management services.

$10,350 / month / 100 engaged patients on average.

The services cover data collection, decision support, care coordination and communication with patients.

Alvin Wells

Alvin Wells

MD, PhD. Rheumatology & Immunotherapy Center

Time for a change?

Contact us to find out how the Rheumatic Care Management service (RCM) can be used at your clinic and how it would affect your revenue streams. Our response time is typically two business days.

Sofia Svanteson

Sofia Svanteson

Co-founder & CEO

Alexandra Lindfors

Alexandra Lindfors

Head of Business Development US

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Who are we?

Elsa Science is a Swedish company who has developed Rheumatic Care Management (RCM) in cooperation with patients, caregivers, and researchers in Europe and the US.

We believe that the management of chronic care can be improved by new kinds of collaboration tools between patients and health-care providers.

“Rheumatic Care Management gives not only the patient a better control of their health, but also helps me as a rheumatologist to target the individual patient with the best possible care at the right time.”

Lars Klareskog

Lars Klareskog

Co-founder & Professor of Rheumatology at Karolinska Institutet

In collaboration with

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